Vision & Mission


To provide Learning and Social Support for our Community.


Hallam Community Learning Centre will provide a place where the local community can meet, communicate and develop skills, pathways and learn in friendly supportive surroundings.


No matter what you call your local House: a Community Centre; Learning Centre or Neighbourhood House they all have one thing in common and that is that they are a place for members of the community.

Neighbourhood Houses employ a coordinator/manager for the day to day running and staff management but also rely on volunteers from their community to help out in a variety of ways including  on the Governance Committee to ensure that the community interests are high on the agenda…it is also a wonderful opportunity for individuals to either learn new skills as a member of a committee or utilize existing skills – either way it is a great way to connect and be a part of the decision making process for your local community.

Going through the door of a Neighbourhood House has been the turning point for many people in overcoming loneliness; social isolation or plain boredom!  It’s a place to learn new skills so why not investigate your local House

     – it’s the best kept secret in town!

Join Up for Health’s Sake…

According to research: “The quality of a person’s social life could have an even greater effect on their health than diet and exercise”

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MANAGEMENT – Hallam Community Learning Centre is committed to maintaining its strategic values, financial viability and a community development focus in a transparent manner.

LIFE LONG LEARNING -Hallam Community Learning Centre will offer educational opportunities and provide pathways and support for learners

INTEGRITY – Hallam Community Learning Centre strives to be true to its stated vision, mission, goals and values.

COMPASSION – Hallam Community Learning Centre will interact with and care for the varying needs of a growing diverse community.

COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP– Hallam Community Learning Centre will be owned and managed by the community for the community.

EXCELLENCE -Hallam Community Learning Centre will achieve excellence to accommodate the needs of our evolving community through continuous improvement, being accountable and flexible and offering access to all.

FAMILY HEALTH AND WELLBEING – Hallam Community Learning Centre will promote and encourage health and well being activities in a supportive atmosphere and acknowledge individuals’ family and home responsibilities.

RESPECT – Hallam Community Learning Centre is committed to acknowledging the differences, rights, culture and background of all people.