Committee of Governance

Dedicated to community leadership.

Meet the volunteers steering the course of Hallam Community Learning Centre.

Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris

I have worked in my own family business for over 15 years now and enjoy service the general public.

I changed careers to give my children the best possible chance in life to be independent.

What we offer as a business is array of things, disco’s, trivia nights, face painting, wax hands, balloon twisting, we do kids parties, bar mitzvah, 18’ths 21st and even cater for the older generation.

We also do sessional activities, such as the Easter Bunny as well as my proudest offering in Santa.

Each Christmas I travel across Australia seeing those in need in hospitals, seeing those kids faces is a wonderful feeling.

In my spare time I run a Volleyball competition in Berwick and over 12 sides competing each week.

Each week I also help run a local radio station in the City of Casey.

I have been involved in Community Houses now for well over 12 years and enjoy being on committee’s to help achieve service excellence to the local community and give people a sense of belonging.

Joanne Gillen

Joanne Gillen

Joanne has lived in the City of Casey for over 30 years and comes from a family that has always been involved in their community. Joanne was looking for a volunteer opportunity to give her the chance to contribute her community and reached out to HCLC to become a committee member.

Joanne has many years of experience working in Admin and Accounting in various industries. She has been a business owner and a stay at home mother over her working life.

In her spare time she enjoys travel, family dinners, crosswords and DIY projects.

Liam Gillen

Liam Gillen

Liam is a local small business owner and has worked in the food industry for over 40 years.

He brings years of experience from his association as a Committee and Board member with various organisations in Sport, Food and Consultancy.

He is passionate to assist in building a sustainable Community Centre for the community to enjoy.

In his spare time Liam enjoys AFL, playing Golf and travelling.

Cele Leach

Cele is a retired teacher, with 50 years’ experience in a wide range of settings, including Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Schools. The many years of experience include classroom and specialist roles as well as leadership positions.

Cele has participated in various educational based committees and her class and social attendance at HCLC led her to extend her contribution to become a committee member. She looks forward to contributing towards a sustainable future for Hallam Community Learning Centre.

Cele also works as an Emergency Relief volunteer at Casey North Community Information and Support service.

In her spare time Cele enjoys travel, theatre, gardening, spending time with family & friends.

Alex Pansow

Alex Pansow

30+ years of management and customer service experience in the public and private sector.

Operated own business for over 6 years offering business consulting / training and recruitment.

Have consulted for other Community House’s previously. Loving the opportunity of working with the Hallam Learning and Community Centre.

In Alex’s spare time he enjoys family time and listening to music and watching sport.

Frank Kauhausen

Frank Kauhausen

Frank worked for VicRoads for 33 years, initially as a surveyor, then Environmental Officer on many major road projects.

Frank has been running his own business for the past 3.5 years as an Environmental Consultant, working closely with the construction industry. He has also been involved in Community House’s for the past 15 years, taking on various roles on Committees. Frank is presently is our Treasurer.

In Franks spare time he enjoys wind surfing and a quiet Red.

Sandesh Jayasinghe

Sandesh Jayasinghe

Sandesh graduated from Federation University, Berwick with Bachelor Of Business in 2023. His previous schooling was at Heritage College, and he has various retail experience with IKEA, Coles, Woolworths and childcare with OSHC.

He brings his cultural background of Sweden and Sri Lanka to the diversity of the Committee.

In Sandesh’s leisure time he enjoys playing sports, video games, driving and exploring.

Sharron-Lee Murray

Sharron-Lee Murray

Sharron-Lee brings vast work experience including Childcare, Quality Control Management, Aged and Disability care to her position on the Committee.

Her work-life highlighted her love of bringing joy and empowering others, this passion has led her to making a difference in her community by joining the HCLC committee.

In her spare time Sharron-lee spends time with family, knitting and computer classes.