We have small friendly classes with our patient tutor Rita for Non English Speaking Background people.  Rita will help the students to communicate better in English, deal with every day situations such as appointments, paying bills, doing their banking, understanding their children’s school notices, local services and coping with day to day living.

Excursions or lunches are also usually organised  at the end of the term, this a a fun social event that also helps with their communication skills, sometimes the students also write a small paragraph about the event.


Wednesday’s here at Hallam Community Learning Centre.

TIME:-  12.45 pm to 2.45 pm. COST:-  $2.00 per session.


 Rita (sitting in the middle) and some of her students visiting Cranbourne Botanical Gardens.

Rita (sitting in the middle) at the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens excursion.
McClennand Gallery in Langwarrin



Out for lunch.